ClearStar’s 2017 Industry Predictions


ClearStar’s 2017 Industry Predictions

Every year brings new opportunity. With the increasing speed of global innovation, being on top of business trends has become a vital part of staying competitive. As an industry leader, ClearStar has a unique vantage point to learn about and share trends that will continue to have an impact on companies in the background screening industry. Here are our predictions on the trends that will shape the background screening industry in 2017:

  1. Globalized Workforce: More people than ever before are working or seeking education internationally. Most background checks, however, only look at local sources. In the modern world of work, it’s becoming more and more important to look internationally to ensure a comprehensive view of a candidate’s work experience. Global screening can be challenging, but Clearstar has some tips to help you steer clear of any pitfalls.
  2. Gig Economy and Contractors: Another major trend is the continuing rise of contract work. By 2020, it is estimated that 40% of the American workforce will be made up of contract and freelance employees. In addition to the contractor workforce, the gig economy will continue to grow. New jobs through phone apps, such as the booming ridesharing industry, are becoming a much larger part of the overall economy.
  3. Technology: As the number of millennials overtakes baby boomers in the workforce, technology is becoming even more ingrained in the global workplace. The background screening industry will respond with solutions that are more integrated and powerful than the pen and paper of the past. Another technology factor to watch is integrating social media as part of a background screen, which still remains a thorny issue.
  4. Ease of Use: Today’s workforce is on the go and may find it a hassle to be made to sit down and fill out the forms required to perform a background screen. We live in a world of mobile internet and apps, and demand for on-the-go solutions has never been higher. The background screening industry in 2017 will be evolving to meet this demand. ClearStar is already leading the way, launching our ClearID and ClearContact systems last year.

These trends and more will shape the way the background screening industry grows throughout 2017. ClearStar is excited to meet the challenge of the year ahead with innovation and an eye towards the future.

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