Employers Need Strategies for Recruiting, Screening for Workplace Fluidity


Employers Need Strategies for Recruiting, Screening for Workplace Fluidity

Just three months ago, the concept of disruption was an allusion to a profitable market innovation strategy. Today, disruption feels like the current state of things for businesses all over the world.

Everything seemed completely normal when clocks struck midnight, Jan. 1, 2020. Now that the year is half over, nothing is normal, and many employers have discovered their talent pools weren’t prepared for disruption of this magnitude. The surviving workplaces are the fittest, thanks to recruiting efforts that included screening for highly adaptable employees with fluid skills.

No one expects a pandemic with more than 12 million confirmed cases (at press time), but there’s something to be said for expecting the unexpected. Even when COVID-19 becomes a chapter in our history books, how can employers prepare for the next worst-case scenario?

3 Steps to Preparedness for the Next Worst-Case Scenario 

A prepared workplace has employees with skills to meet every potential need. Businesses that survive disruption (the disaster kind) will be the ones that capitalize on available skills. Your business can map out a strategy now starting with these steps:

  1. Do a comprehensive review of the skills and experience currently on tap in your talent pool. Employee titles and job descriptions are only a starting place. Past positions, educational degrees, and certifications could all be solutions amidst an unusual scenario.
  2. Strategize how the skills you discovered in your talent pool could be reconfigured or utilized among different departments to meet needs in an as yet unforeseen disruption. Where is there fluidity within departments? Who is agile enough to work across different departments?
  3. Investigate the potential for sharing talent with partner companies, other employers who share your building, and even beyond. The bagel shop downstairs, your preferred printer around the corner, investment firms, temp agencies, and the cloud computing team next door could all be valuable resources.

Employment Screening for Your Current and Future Needs

Accurate and thorough employment screening is key for businesses that want to be prepared for anything. You want your talent to be exactly who they say they are. Ask ClearStar how our comprehensive education, certification, and employment verifications can ensure that you hire the job candidates who have the qualifications and experience you need right now and in the future.


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