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Send the best caregiver to their doorstep with ClearStar and Virtual Badge. This solution allows you to equip your caregiver with a remote-controlled ID badge tied to a comprehensive background check, all from the convenience of a mobile device.

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Mobile Screening


How It Works:

  1. Select Screening Package and Enter Basic Candidate Information
  2. Capture E-Signature Consent
  3. Take a Photo of the Candidate’s Face
  4. Take a Photo of the Candidate’s Government-Issued Photo ID
  5. Click Submit

How It Works For YOU:

  • Identify Verification and ID Validation Delivered in Under 5 Minutes
  • Reduces Manual Data Entry and Errors
  • Electronically Stores Necessary Documentation and Data
  • Screening Status Updates are Sent Via Text or Email
  • Additional Background Screening Services are Available
Mobile Background Screening
Virtual Badge

ID Badging

Virtual Badge

How It Works:

  1. Remote-Controlled ID Badge is Auto-Issued Based on ClearID Background Check or Drug Test
  2. Badge Auto-Populates With Picture and Other Relevant Information From ClearID
  3. Badges May Be Expired Remotely Based on Your Continual Screening Program

How It Works For YOU:

  • Demonstrate Your Commitment to Safety With a Badge That is Tied to a Comprehensive Criminal Background Check
  • Protect Your Reputation With the Power to Remote Control Badges Based on the Results of Re-Screens
  • Improve Coordination and Reduce Risk With Access, Credential, Visitor, and Task Management, Plus So Much More
Virtual Badge

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