Modern Background Checks Require a Balancing Act of Technology and Humanity


Modern Background Checks Require a Balancing Act of Technology and Humanity

One working lifetime is the blink of an eye, so it’s mind-blowing to consider the changes technology has driven in our workplaces during the last few decades. The development of secure, web-based communication has expedited the process of running pre-employment background checks so significantly that people who remember requesting them on paper early in their careers are now supervising young co-workers who think nothing of requesting them without using any paper at all.


But this speedy access to data does come with a downside – inaccuracy. And inaccuracies in the use of personal data for employment have the potential to become profoundly detrimental to people, the very people who all these new efficiencies were originally about.


Because of that risk, modern employers have to find a balance. Some companies are still playing catch up, relying on in-house teams to manage recruiting, hiring, onboarding, employment law, IT security, and FCRA compliance all at once. Such a heavy reliance on people reduces efficiency and increases the risk (of HR employees not knowing current laws, for example). Other companies rely heavily on technology to process information sources from outside data providers, increasing efficiency and still increasing risk (by excluding employees from monitoring the accuracy of the data processes, for example).


The secret to the balancing act between technology and HR employees is in recognizing that there is and always will be a balancing act.


Back in 1995, Back in 1995, when ClearStar started up, its founders could already see how technology would streamline the way human resources interacts with data. They knew they wanted to build a web-based, data-driven hiring solution to help but realized that it would have to be people-focused, too. Long before web-based pre-employment background screening was the norm, ClearStar’s founders recognized just how important it would be to include a human touch alongside their technology-focused solutions. The services ClearStar now provides have successfully balanced candidate care with effective client solutions for more than 25 years.


As employers seek more and more money-saving efficiencies, workers jockey for protection from bad data and discriminatory hiring practices. As technology evolves, employment laws can change rapidly to keep pace. Talk to ClearStar about how our decades of expertise in background check solutions can keep all processes aligned toward the goal of securing top-quality candidates for your business.



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