Background Screening Your Summer Employees


Background Screening Your Summer Employees

We know you like to read the ClearStar Blog while sitting poolside, sipping on a refreshing beverage. We thought we would bring you some summer advice to go with your relaxation!

The hot weather is in full swing and so are summer jobs! From camp counselors and seasonal sales reps to sports coaches and interns, warm weather signals a rise in hiring for a more casual workforce. Here are three tips to keep you covered (not just in sunblock) this summer hiring season:

  1. Don’t forget the interns.
    • Yes, even your interns! Typically, these are younger hires that are still in college. This is a group that many businesses choose to pass over for background screening. However, according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer, 39% of all product shrinkage in 2014-2015 came from employee theft. Your interns aren’t just kids you hired to get coffee; they are employees with access to vital areas of your company. Protect yourself by ensuring you properly screen your interns.
  2. Be as thorough as you would be for a permanent hire.
    • With such a short term of employment, many companies can be tempted to cut corners when background screening seasonal workers. These companies put themselves at risk from the moment that new seasonal hire walks through their door. By doing this, companies can open themselves up to theft, lawsuit liability, or worse. Continuing to use your existing screening procedures for every employee you bring on board, even the temporary ones, can shield you from many negative outcomes.
  3. Be mindful of minors.
    • While you can background screen minors, you aren’t likely to turn up very much unless they were convicted as an adult. To make up for this, more focus can be put on a minor’s references, such as past summer jobs and teachers. Minors also cannot enter into a binding contract, except for in very limited circumstances. When background screening a minor it may be necessary to get parents involved via signatures. Performing a thorough background and references check as well as getting legal permission to perform the check shows that your company has done their due diligence on each and every hire.

There are many measures you can take to keep your business protected this summer, and background screening will continue to be one of the most important. Stay cool!

Hire a lot of seasonal workers, but haven’t found a solution that fits your needs just right? Read more about how a custom background screening solution can help you!


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