Have you seen these resume red flags?


Have you seen these resume red flags?

Remember looking for Waldo? In a giant page crowded with activity, your goal was to spot a person who fit just the right criteria.

Sorting through resumes can be similar.

Managers plow through piles of resumes looking for candidates who sound like a great fit. But they need to narrow that stack before screening can help. So, how do you know who holds promise and who only looks good on paper?

It’s easier if you watch for these red flags reflected in resumes.

Job-hopping. More than 40 percent of executives say job-hopping is a deal breaker. For a new employee, learning the ropes takes six months or longer. That makes hiring someone who changes jobs every eight to 12 months expensive and unproductive.

Employment gaps. These empty spaces are almost always a red flag. But some gaps can be explained by family changes or moves or the economy. You may have to dig deeper, asking a candidate about these chunks of time.

Spelling or grammatical mistakes. We all make them sometimes, don’t we? But resume errors do more than spoil first impressions. They can reflect the candidate’s attention to detail and their professional abilities. 

Achievements and merit. Does their resume show a career that’s progressed over time? A candidate with a lack of achievement is a red flag unless there are some unforeseen circumstances they can explain.

Other questions can include being laid off or not having a bachelor’s degree. But like all other red flags they should be considered in context. For example, being laid off may have been an economic issue and a bachelor’s degree might not be as important as relevant experience.

Knowing what to look for on a resume is important, but so is getting the full picture. Hiring with the right background screening partner makes a difference. Call ClearStar today to get started.


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