Top #NAPBS2016 Takeaways


Top #NAPBS2016 Takeaways

The countdown is on! In just three days, three thought leaders from ClearStar will present sessions at the much-anticipated 2016 National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) Annual Conference. It’s a great honor to be recognized by NAPBS for our leadership in background screening, and we are excited to share this knowledge.

Whether you’re joining us in California or recapping from around the globe, here’s a quick preview of the major takeaways from each of our upcoming sessions:

Future of Education and Verifying Credentials

Craig Caddell – VP, CRA Solutions
Kerstin Bagus – Director, Global Initiatives

Along with John Davidson, CARCO; Larry Hatch and Jonell Sanchez, NSCH

Craig Caddell and Kerstin Bagus are two of the first invitees to the National Student Clearinghouse Business Advisory Council and are responsible for advising the NSCH on the screening industry’s specific needs and pain points. This session, which primarily deals with global education verification, will help companies understand what tools are available to them through the NSCH.

Primary learning points include:

  • How the nature of education is changing in the U.S. and how it challenges the traditional verification process
  • New opportunities for students and job seekers to align their education with employers’ needs
  • Tools available to verify academic achievement, including military training, technical certifications, GEDs, diplomas, and degrees

Cheating on Your Drug Test, from the User’s Point of View

Todd Shoulberg – EVP, Medical Information Services

During this session, attendees will see real-life examples of the companies that help candidates cheat on their drug tests, backed by a 200% money back guarantee. They will also review the best practices to develop a complete and cheat-free drug screening program; and receive multiple strategies and personalized guidance to make their programs more successful.

Primary learning points include:

  • Increased awareness of different ways candidates can cheat on a drug test
  • The absurd lengths some candidates will take to cheat
  • Top tools that best combat cheating on an employer’s drug test

Introduction to the EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Privacy

Kerstin Bagus – Director, Global Initiatives

Along with Kevin Coy, AGG

This session will provide a high level review of the new EU privacy regulation and its impact on entities involved in screening.

Primary learning points include:

  • Key elements in the GDPR
  • Differences between the GDPR and the EU Directive
  • Areas screeners need to focus on


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