Importance of Background Screening


Importance of Background Screening

What’s the secret ingredient for business success?

A steady supply of coffee? Coworkers who laugh at all your jokes?

Knowing what’s important in business can make all the difference. And while there are some variables for each industry, other fundamentals never change — loving what you do, focusing on customer needs, and always being ready to learn.

All those elements create a make-or-break difference for a business. But what’s the real heart of a company? The people. Having an inspired team working together toward a goal takes a company to amazing new levels.

But how do you build that great team? Out of a collection of qualified candidates, how do you pinpoint which candidate will best fit your needs?

Professional background screening is a powerful team-building tool. Here are some of the critical ways it benefits companies as they navigate the hiring process.

It gives the process more clarity.

Incorporating new talent takes time, but background screening with ClearStar empowers you in the hiring process and gives the process a clarity it might not otherwise have. We believe screening is about giving you a chance to verify positive instincts you already have about an candidate and find that perfect fit.

It protects other employees.

Everybody wants a safe workplace. Experts say creating a safe and secure workplace is probably one of the best reasons for background screening. Knowing ahead of time if a potential employee could be a risk is an important part of safety for all employees.

It protects the company.

Stats say that globally about 70 percent of employers have found information in background screening they would have missed otherwise. Typical issues include false identities or misstatements in job histories or educational backgrounds. The costs of hiring the wrong person can be enormous, but the benefits of choosing exactly the right person are overwhelmingly great.

As essential as background screening is, it can be tricky without a company like ClearStar that has a team with both the legal expertise and the professional experience. Call today. We’d love to talk with you about how we can help your company!


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